S.Prokofiev: Etude Op. 2 No.4 in C minor

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Korean Pianist Jungmin Gregory Ha was born in Busan, he is now 20 years old. He wanted to study piano, but because his parents was opposite about it, his talents in learning mathematical subjects, history, economic and politic was very successful, Gregory started first with professional piano lessons when he was 17 - his passion and love about piano music was so big.

In the year 2017 he entered the Kyungsung University in South Korea to study piano in the class of Professor Alexey Lebedev and 2019 he is Student at the Ingesund School of Music in exchange program in the class of Professor Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist.

Since 2017 he took master classes with world renowned pianists and teachers such as Sunghoon Simon Hwang, Oliver Kern, Jin Ju, Mamiko Suda, Mi-Kyung Kim and Vovka Ashkenazy.

He is Prizewinner of many national and international piano competitions: 2017 KSME Music competition (1st Prize), 2017 Yun Music Competition (1st Prize), 2017 Yezin music competition (1st Prize), 2017 Busan Music Education Association competition (2nd Prize), 2017 Chansin University Competition (3rd Prize), 2017 Concorso Internazionale di Esecuzione Musicale di Bellagio (Absolute 1st Prize), 2017 Victoria Caffa Righetti Prize International Music Competition (2nd Prize), 2017  Concorso Pianistico lnternazionale Lia Tortora (3rd Prize), 2017 Kyunsung International Piano Academy Competition (3rd Prize), 2018 Chopin Roma International Piano Competition (Diploma).

Round 1

J.S. Bach: Prelude and fuge in b flat minor WTC book 1
L.v. Beethoven: Sonata No.31 in A-flat major Op.110, 1st mov.
F. Chopin: Etude in G shar minor Op.25 No.6
S. Prokofiev: Etude Op.2 No.4 in c minor

Round 2

C. Saint-Saens: Etude Op.52 no.6, "En forme de valse"
D. Shostakovich: Sonata No. 2 in B-minor, Op.61

Round 3

Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat Major, Op.73

Beethoven:  Sonata No. 31 in A-flat major Op. 110, 1st mvt.

Competition Repertoire​

Nordic Country represented: Sweden

Institution: INgesund School of Music / Kyungsung University, Korea

Gregory Jungmin Ha