F. Chopin: Etude Op.10 No.12 

1st Nordic junior Piano Competition

23 Feb 2019


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F. Chopin: Polonaise in A-flat major Op. 53 


Maksymilian Maksymowicz 

F. Chopin: Etude Op.10 No.12 
F. Chopin: Polonaise in A-flat major Op. 53 

Maksymilian Maksymowicz was born in 2004. He began playing piano at six. However, he demonstrated a great interest in music much earlier. Upon graduating from Music Primary School in Krakow, Poland, he began playing piano seriously. He has always been one of the best students in school and had the highest possible grades. After six years, he graduated with excellent results.

In 2017 Maks moved with the family to Luleå, Sweden. There he met Helge Kjekshus, a famous pianist and professor at Piteå Music School. Since then, they have had lessons together. Thanks to his tutor’s contribution, Maks has made a big advance in the way he plays. Helge has acknowledged Maks’s talent and interest in classical music. Maks’s goal is to continue with participating in various piano competitions thus further improving his musical skills.

Competition Repertoire​​​

Nordic Country represented: Sweden

Institution: Framnäs Folkhögskola

Name of present teachers: Helge Kjekshus

Age: 14