Competition Repertoire​

Round 1

J. S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue E-major BWV 878

W. A. Mozart: Sonata in c-minor KV 457
Chopin: Etude op 25 no 9
Rachmaninoff: Etude op. 33 no. 6 in E-flat major

Round 2

Brahms: 3 intermezzi op. 117

Chopin: 4th scherzo
Skrjabin: 4th sonata

Round 3

L. van Beethoven: Piano concerto no. 5 op. 73

Etude in G-flat major op. 25 no. 9

Nordic Country represented: Finland

Institution: The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus

Name of present teacher: Søren Rastogi & Martin Lysholm Jepsen

Sonja Honkamaa comes from Finland and is currently studying in Denmark in The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. Before starting the studies in Aarhus, she studied music pedagogy in Tampere Music Academy in Finland. She will complete her Bachelor degree in Aarhus in the summer 2019. In Aarhus she studies with Søren Rastogi and Martin Lysholm Jepsen and the most important teachers for her in Finland have been Hannu Hirvelä and Risto Kyrö.

Sonja took part in Tampere piano competition in 2017 and she has played in many master classes, for example with Liisa Pohjola, Aleksandra Zvirblyte, Irina Osipova, Ralf Gothóni, Antti Hotti and Hamsa Al-Wadi Juris. She has played in festivals and concerts in Finland and Denmark, and she took part in Aurora music festival in Stockholm in 2017

W. A. Mozart: Sonata in c-minor KV 457 1. mov.


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Sonja Honkamaa