Category  1 (12-15 years old):
Elias Xie, Sweden

Love Herrdahl, Sweden
Helga Sigríður E. Kolbeins, Iceland
Sebastian Egebakken Svenøy, Norway
Lukas Holm Hansen,  Denmark
Maksymilian Maksymowicz, Sweden
Valdemar Wenzel Most, Denmark

Category 2 (15-18 years old)

Tähe-Lee Liiv  Finland
Kei Solvang, Norway
Nikita Knykin, Norway
Mikolaj Ólafur Frach, Iceland 
Samuel Ericsson, Finland
Kiia Nordlund, Finland
Niilo Ruotsala, Finland

Greetings from the Artistic Director:

We are really delighted  to announce, that the 1st Nordic Junior Competition will take place at Musikhögskolan Ingesund in Arvika 23/02.2019. For this week Musikhögskolan Ingesund is very proud to become the center of piano culture in Scandinavia. We are very happy to host the most promising and brilliant young pianists from the Nordic countries and we are happy to hear them on stage at our institution.

 The complete competition will be professionally video-streamed live worldwide.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Blüthner Pianos for years of co-operation with this competition and we are eager to listen to the famous golden sound of a Blüthner Grand Piano on our stage in the hands of the best pianists from the Nordic countries.

The competition board warmly welcomes all contestants to Ingesund and Arvika. We are also happy to give the opportunity to the audience in Arvika and Värmland to listen to all participants, and we encourage you all not to miss any of the performances this week as it will be a real celebration of the Art of Piano, and we are very happy to share it with you all!

 Artistic director,

Prof. Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist

Welcome to the  

the 1st nordic  Junior piano competition

live streaming worldwide

Saturday 23 February, 2019

At the great Hall of

Ingesund school of music


President of the Jury: Prof. Julia Mustonen-Dahklvist

Prof. Alexej Lebedev

Akemi Alink

Aristo Sham

Jury 5 (not yet confirmed)

Jury 6 (not yet confirmed)

Age 12-15 Category 1
Age 15-18 Category 2

Candidates form Category 1, can choose to apply to compete in older category.

Video pre-selection repertoire:

1. One work in virtuoso character (for ex. etude or toccata)

2.   One work of a free choice 5-10 min.

Max. 12 pianists will be accepted to compete in each category


Category 1: Max 10 min. free repertoire (should include one work of virtuoso character)
Category 2: Max. 15 min. free repertoire (should include one work of virtuoso character)


Saturday, 23 February 2019
Category 1: 10.00-12.00
Category 2: 13.00-16.30
17.00 Award Ceremony

Application fee:

Category 1: 40 euro (or 400 SEK)

Category 2: 50 euro (or 500 SEK)

​Bank info: 
IBAN: SE71 8000 0843 1905 3133 9802
Svensk clearingnummer: 8431-9 (Westra Wermlands Sparbank)
Svensk kontonummer: 53 133 980-2

Prizes in each category:
1st Prize in Nordic Junior Piano Competition- 5000 SEK, Diploma and Cup
2nd  Prize in Nordic Junior Piano Competition- 3000 SEK, Diploma and Cup
3rd Prize in Nordic Junior Piano Competition- 1000 SEK, Diploma and Cup

Each of the invited 12 pianists in both Categories will be awarded a Finalist Diploma of the 1st Nordic Junior Piano Competition

All prizes are sponsored by Westra Werlmands Sparbank
Special prizes to be announced. 

Application deadline 1 December 2018

Video Preselection results 15 December 2018

Preselection jury:

Julia Mustonen-Dahlkvist

Mikael Kanarva

Mackenzie Melemed

Finalists 2019